Saturday, November 8, 2008

So What Comes Next For the Blog?

So you may be wondering what is going to happen next with the blog Obama IS America!. Well, the answer is that we are going to keep it going for several reasons.

1. We need to keep an eye on our dear President Elect Obama and make sure that he gets the job done right and makes the most of the incredible outpouring of support for him from the American people and the world. Intelligent criticism is essential to a functional democracy and we need to make sure that we keep a watchful eye on this administration to avoid careless blunders of the past from repeating themselves.

2. Now more than ever we need to bring attention to the many issues that are facing this country, the world, and each community (natural or human) therein. Not only do we need to bring attention to these issues, but we need to actually discuss them and present ideas and solutions.

3. Tuesday evening was officially a major milestone in modern human history for a multitude of reasons, the most prominent of which is that we have broken with our past history of segregation, slavery, and inequality for non-White people. As a nation we have elected a Black man to be President of the USA, a decision supported by most of the world.


it is time to REEVALUATE who we are. Please use this blog as an opportunity to redefine the American people, one person's story at a time. Let's explore who we are together. It is the theory of the Editor of Obama IS America! that what makes this nation so great is that we are all so different from each other. An American can be an American regardless of color, sexual orientation, class, religion, gender, culture, national origin (meaning where you were born), state you live in, interests, beliefs, the way you look and dress, etc.

Obama IS America! intends to continue to grow and flourish based on YOUR ideas and contributions. We look forward to the future and to your participation in recreating how that future will be.


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DragonSecreto said...

I agree with you! We need to keep the momentum going--

In the meantime, you can keep track of the transition at


Obama IS America! said...

Thanks for the suggestion! A blog post on should be coming soon.

You rock dragonsecreto. Spread the Obama IS America! word and lets keep the momentum/movement going!!!!!