Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reader Post: To a new cause

To a new cause


It has been more than a decade since I had the pleasure of becoming an American Citizen. To be an American Citizen means that as a person of foreign background, I have the obligation to involve myself with the hardships of this land. One can be an American citizen, but not everyone can truly know what it really means to be an American citizen.

Time has shown that this country has been built upon the hard struggles of immigrants who came here for the chance to better their lives and their progeny. The bourgeois society who feel above themselves to be "the ones" who are making the difference, often are misguided to the truth of the American dream—to be free from prejudgments.

An American has civil rights that are inherited truths. No one under any circumstance can ever take away such rights. It is true that situations call for dreams to be upheld by the sacrifice of those who often die in the process in creating the dream. However, as American citizens, we must each burn in our psyche that another human gave way to my path.

With today's distinctions, we often misunderstand the cause of idealism. cause must, and should, be a collective ideal that has both the motives of love and strife. This duality helps and allows us to understand that the coming of any dream has to take shape as an ideal and then, as a manifestation of culture and identity of and for the people.

Therefore, with all the histories that have come and gone, and with now the new president-elect Barack Obama, we, as American Citizens, hope to now be united by diplomacy rather than by blood. As often, we must be reminded that the Constitution of the United States was written with hopes and regrets; hopes that we always remember how this country came to be, and regrets in how it can be stolen form us if we do not unite as a people regarding our great diversities.

emanuel perez

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