Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tea Party with an Elephant - Contribution from Twovoters.com

This post is a contribution from the website Two Voters. 

Please send this website to all of your friends who are on the border between Obama and McCain--and in general.  It contains many video contributions, and a lot of information in general useful to the evaluation of Obama and McCain, as well as of the current state of the Union.

Thank you!

This blog entry contains:

1.  The email exchange between Obama IS America! and Mariah of Twovoters.com

2.  An explanation of why the video above was created.




Your site will be featured on the blog OBAMA IS AMERICA! hopefully tomorrow or within the next couple of days!  Please check out the blog and participate in any way you choose. It  would be great if you could write a short piece on twovoters.com and why you decided to work on this project, what it means to you, what this election means to you, how it may be different from past elections, etc.  Thank you and hope you enjoy what you see! 

GREAT WORK on your site, by the way!!!  

OBAMA '08!!!!


Thank you for the invitation to add to Obama is America.

We welcome the reposting of any of our videos, especially the most recent one, “Elephant” by Marcus Nispel. http://twovoters.com/?vid=18    

The following relates to our newest video and you are welcome to use any or all of it.

If you have questions or I can be of further assistance please let me know.

Warm Regards,



Renowned commercial director, Marcus Nispel, has just completed a remarkable new political video, in support of Barack Obama.  Not surprisingly, the video is unlike any political spot seen to date. It involves a little girl, a tea party and a famous Republican character. 

Suffice to say, you have to see it to believe it—the message could not be more timely.


Nispel, who has had a prolific career directing commercials for some of the world’s elite clients including Mercedes, Coca Cola, Nike, ABC and CBS, decided to turn his creative talent towards helping Obama:   “The inspiration to do something came from the grass-roots organization called TwoVoters.com.  So many of us are deeply frustrated by eight years of the Bush Administration – I could not just sit by and do nothing. I wanted to speak directly to undecided voters. My old friend, John Stanier, worked as the director of photography and everyone just pitched in. I think we have created something memorable. In a political environment where everyone screams, people will listen to one who whispers.  I believe that Americans of all ages will relate to the video.”


The new Nispel political video is featured on the TwoVoters.com web site that has recently been featured in the national press. TwoVoters.com is privately funded and not affiliated with either political party.  The website has been backed by a national advertising campaign in such publications as USA Today, Rolling Stone, and Newsweek. Google TwoVoters.com – and you will find it has been tied to over 1200 other websites, bloggers, YouTube, etc. 


Both Nispel and TwoVoters.com expect that like-minded people will distribute the video nation-wide, and are hoping that the Democratic Party may want to run the video on television nationally, or in swing states.

The Nispel video can be downloaded or forwarded to anyone in the nation with a click of the mouse.  Go to:  TwoVoters.com for free video downloads.




National Campaign Director, TwoVoters.com

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