Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obama IS America! Poses 6 Questions

When was the last time you thought about where all the plastic you use and garbage you create goes?

When was the last time that you thought about the fact that there are giant swirling masses of plastic in our ocean


that there are giant deadzones in the ocean where nothing lives because everything but algae has been killed off by polutants and pesticide runoff?

When was the last time you thought about where the fish comes from in the sushi you had for dinner the other night, and what it means that there are millions of other people in the world eating fish at any given moment?

They have to get their fish from somewhere....

We might be trying a bit harder now to recycle than we were 10 years ago, but as a friend of Obama IS America! pointed out, whatever happened to REDUCE-ing and RE-USE-ing?

And finally,

When was the last time you thought about the role that YOU play on a day to day basis in contributing to these problems, and actually tried to DO SOMETHING about it?

Human beings, along with every other life form on this planet, from the largest whale to the smallest bacterium, are all simply little cells that chug along and function as a little piece of the whole body that is our Planet Earth. Yet no matter how small we are, each and every one of us has a HUGE impact on the health of the planet as a whole.

We all know how small viruses are and we all know the impact they have on the health of the human body. Think about how small the HIV virus must be, and how DEVASTATING of an impact it has on the human body.

Human beings need to stop acting like viruses and start acting like concientious beings on our beloved and precious Planet Earth.

We will shortly be posting more articles related to ridiculously important environmental issues that aren't usually talked about, as well as information on policy making and the environment, and how the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates fit into it. We will also post blog entries that give examples of different small things you can do to take better care of the Earth. 

One major suggestion for now is: BUY AND USE LESS PLASTIC!  Get a filter for your faucet, take canvas bags to the grocery store, take a mug to Starbucks instead of using paper. WE ALL HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE TOGETHER AS MEMBERS OF THE PLANET EARTH!!!!!!!!!

The point of this blog entry is not to make you feel bad or guilty.  In fact, that is part of the problem.  No one wants to feel guilty, so they avoid thinking about or dealing with the things that would give them feelings of guilt.  But we cannot keep ignoring what we are doing to the planet.  It is time now to start acting differently and changing how we think and live.  The way our society is currently structured, living in an Earth-conscious (preferred term to 'green') way is difficult.  But if we all make it a priority to live better, we can heal the Earth, heal ourselves, live in PEACE and still be joyful, profitable, creative, and spiritually wholesome members of this world.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more!!

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