Friday, October 24, 2008

Reader Facebook Post: To my family, friends, aquaintances, etc in California

to my family, friends, aquaintances, etc in California
Thursday, October 9, 2008 at 5:55pm
i urge you guys to vote NO on proposition 8, the proposition that would ban gay marriage in california.

if you didnt plan on voting for this, please do, its a close one.

if you were gonna vote yes because double negatives confuse you, remember, vote NO on PROP 8.


if you were gonna vote yes b/c you think marriage needs protection, let me remind you that the only thing heterosexual marriage needs protection from is divorce.

Also, theres no quota on marriage, were not running out.

those of you who have a religious problem with this, allow me to remind you that gay people dont want to come to your church and get married there, they simply want the rights that should be afforded to them as HUMANS. the right to be notified if a loved one is in the hospital, the right to visit them and know whats wrong.

TO MY FILIPINO/MIXED RACE FAMILY, especially my young cousins and any other interracial couple reading this
let me remind, or inform you for the first time, that just 60 years ago interracial marriage was also illegal

if these laws were still in place I wouldnt exist. if these law were in place many of you wouldnt exist, many of you wouldnt be allowed to be married to your current spouses and have the beautiful mixed babies that youve had and will have. we look back on this law now and scoff at the ignorance.

so why continue to let other people decide who we are allowed to love?

let me remind you that this past August 26th we celebrated the 88th anniversary since women were finally given the right to vote.

and before this African-American people couldnt vote. and before that, as a country, we used PEOPLE as slaves...

though sexism and racism still permeate this society , we look back at the ignorance of our country in embarrassment and i hope someday we can also look back and laugh at the ignorance we have today towards same sex couples and remember that LOVE IS LOVE, and right about now we need as much as we can get.

stop letting old, small-minded, white men tell us
what to believe
how to live
who to love

they're the ones whose past beliefs and laws have been based in misunderstanding, fear, and hatred

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