Wednesday, October 22, 2008


What makes this man beautiful is that he is the embodiment of the American Dream. Let us not forget what that means:

Please watch the music videos below. They are each so beautiful and so powerful.

They show Americans--ALL Americans--calling for a new era of America:

A new way of thinking about American culture
A new way of thinking about American politics
A new way of thinking about each other

But really, not so new, because America has always been diverse. It has always been a mix of cultures and peoples and ways of thinking--since before it was even a nation. What is different about this election, and what its seems that people really mean by CHANGE, is that we will finally come to accept ourselves as a nation for who we are:

an incredibly diverse, beautiful group of hard-working human beings sharing a space on this planet together.

Divisions between people only exist if we let them, and this election is calling for a NEW, TOLERANT, and PEACEFUL era of American and of World history.

These videos are all calling for:
  • Obama to be President of the United States of America
  • CHANGE/REBIRTH of how we think
  • For the War in Iraq (and war in general) to end.

Also, please click on the following link to see a BRILLIANT photography project done by photographer Maarten de Boer. The name of the project is: I am Obama, which is a series of photographs of Obama supporters in LA. De Boer did not hand choose these people--they are random people that heard about the project, came to his studio, and volunteered to have a photograph taken of them in support of Obama (including your very own Editor of Obama IS America!). The purpose of this project was to show the DIVERSITY OF PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT BARACK OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT. And it must be said that the people of Los Angeles and the supporters of Obama are ridiculously good-looking :)

Barack Obama Music Video:

Si Se Puede!!!!!! - Andres Useche

Change the World! Everyone for Obama!!!

Obama - Man in the Mirror (the sound is a little weird in this one, but its still a good video)

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