Friday, October 24, 2008

Editor of Obama IS America! Urges Everyone to: VOTE NO ON 8!!

A common misconception about Proposition 8 needs be cleared up.  What Prop 8 will do if passed is write into the California Constitution (which is describes the basic legal rights of all Californians) that marriage is defined as between one man and one woman ONLY. 

This means that gay marriage, which is already legal as determined by the decision of the California Supreme Court--will become illegal--but only if 8 passes.  If it doesn't pass, nothing will change, because the changes that 8 wants to put into effect will be struck down, so the world will stay exactly as it is right now.

So if you vote Yes, you will not be voting to 'ban' gay marriage.  You will be voting to TAKE AWAY RIGHTS THAT ALREADY EXIST for MILLIONS of your fellow Californians.  That is totally wack on a fundamental level (which is the opinion of this blog Editor).

*Click here* to link to the No on 8 website run through the organization Equality for All.  

Volunteer some call bank hours!  Make signs and go out in the street and let people see you taking a stand and saying NO ON 8!

*Click here* to link to the donation site for No on 8

Proposition 8 is a MAJOR civil rights decision for California.  It is discriminatory, and backwards, and does not face a necessary reality:

People who are sexually open to other people of the same gender are real people.  They exist.  They are as normal as people who prefer someone of the opposite gender.

Being a good parent has nothing to do with sexual orientation and who you choose to love.  It has to do with how good of a parent you are.

If it passes, California will truly be one of the most openminded places on Earth, and one of only 6 places that has legalized gay marriage.   The *others* are South Africa, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Spain, and of course, Massachusetts.  

So please, if you can, donate money to the cause, or EVEN BETTER: Tell, teach, explain to, educate, inform, help others understand what Prop 8 is really about and why they should vote NO.  

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