Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, World.

In America, today is a day to give thanks for everything.  
  • How do you and your family celebrate Thanksgiving? 
  • What are you thankful for today?  What can you add to the list below?
Please feel free to leave a comment!!

Here is a list of things to be thankful for....

Thank you world for existing!

Thank you other people on this world for existing also!

Thanks mom and dad for creating me!

Thank you for my beautiful partner!

Thank you for letting me HAVE a mom and dad that I know and that I get to interact with!

Thanks for my health - my continued health!

Thank you for my children!

Thank you all the people that have helped to educate, inspire, motivate me!

Thank you for the people who still do!

Thank you for all the people who love me!

Thanks for letting me be ALIVE today and everyday!

Thank you for the gift of being able to APPRECIATE life!

Thanks for my mind! My creative mind!

Thank you for knowledge and what that means in the human context!

Thanks for the existence of love and beauty!

Thanks for the existence of happiness and hope!


Thank you for art, technology, the internet, dance, poetry!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful universe and world!

Thank you for existence and creation!

Thank you for my friends!

Thank you for communication, and the ability to CONNECT to others!

Thank you for civil rights!

Thank you for people who fight for civil rights!

Thank you for nature!

Thank you for this beautiful little blue Planet I get to live on!

Thank you for my lover!

Thank you for plumbing, electricity, and a warm safe place to sleep at night!

Thank you for all the infinite things left to be thankful for!


This is is probably a pretty tough year for a lot of people here in the US and abroad due to all the economic problems that have been happening.  But things will get better!  Things always have to get better!  Good and life and love and peace ALWAYS TRIUMPH!!!!

We should all take today as a day to be joyous and peaceful within our hearts, and to celebrate all the beautiful things on this planet, and all the people that we cherish. 

Finally, please find two videos below.  

One is by the glorious *Dr. Michael Beckwith* on overcoming obstacles,

And the other is by power man *John Assarf* on Success on *Larry King Live*:

*Click here* to link to the Dr. Beckwith video.

*Click here* to link to the John Assarf video

Happy Thanks-Giving everyone!!!!

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