Saturday, November 1, 2008


Firstly, for all you Prop 8 opposers out there living in the Los Angeles area, Obama IS America! will be in Old Town Pasadena tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 PM protesting Proposition 8, and making ourselves available to people to talk about the Prop. If you would like to join us, PLEASE COME!!!

Also, let it be known that Obama himself opposes Proposition 8. No, this is not because he supports gay marriage--Obama/Biden have come out openly against their support of gay marriage, as evidenced by the Biden/Palin VP debate where the subject was raised. The Editor of Obama IS America! is saddened by the lack of support for gay marriage by any major politician, and hopes that this attitude changes in the future. Regardless, Obama still opposes Prop 8 because it is unconstitutional, and is based on the moral convictions of social and religious conservatives, instead of on the principals of equality and fairness that are supposed to underlie the American Constitution and the State Constitutions.

Considering the fact that the Church/religion in general and the state/government are supposed to be separated in this country, and considering that the Constitution is supposed to define and defend human and civil rights and Prop 8 undercuts the (very American) principals of freedom and equality for all, Obama IS America! concludes that:


Join Obama and say NO to Prop 8

1. Vote NO on Prop 8

We’re in a dead heat. Your vote matters and makes all the difference. Make your voice heard. Find your polling place here >>

2. Make sure your friends vote NO on 8

It’s going to take everyone we know to defeat Prop 8! Send a message to friends and family telling them to vote NO. Make sure they have a way to get to the polls.

3. Donate

We need your support to help get out the vote. Make a donation so we can reach undecided voters >>

4. Need a reminder to vote?

Sign up for our handy text tool to remind you to vote. Text NoOn8 to 30644 and you’ll be linked in.

About Prop 8

Why Vote No on Prop 8?

Prop.8 is unfair, unnecessary and wrong. Find out why Californians are voting no >>

Facts v. Fiction

Special interest groups behind Prop 8 have engaged in a deceptive campaign to confuse voters.
Get the truth >>

Who Opposes Prop 8?

Nearly every major newspaper in California, and a broad range of groups and leaders representing teachers, nurses, seniors, business and labor, oppose Proposition 8. See who is on the list >>

What is Prop 8?

Prop 8 would eliminate the fundamental right for same-sex couples to marry. Read the title & summary and ballot arguments >>

Barack Obama calls Prop 8 “Divisive and Discriminatory” >>

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