Friday, September 12, 2008

Warmongering: Obama IS America! Editor Op-Ed

The Editor of the Obama IS America! campaign has a message for Mr. John McCain & all other Warmongers in the world:

The only reason for there to be NO END IN SIGHT to War amongst human beings in this day and age is if WE KEEP STARTING THEM, FUNDING THEM, AND PARTICIPATING IN THEM!!!!!! DUH!!!!

Evil begets evil and the last time I checked, War and its ravages definitely ONLY exist in the darker realms of the human experience.

Below is a video someone put together entitled John McCain is Dr. Strangelove.

If mentalities such as these do not GO AWAY, peace will never come. The age of assuming that human nature at its core is selfish and therefore we should use war as a viable option to get what we want from global society is OVER. The time for peace is NOW!!! Come ON people!! It is almost 2009!! We have ALREADY entered into what people of the last millenium referred to as the "Future" - a concept that many people (including 71 year old John McCain) do not seem to have grasped yet. The time has come for every person on this planet to WAKE UP and take a stance against war and destruction. It is time to let the US government and the world know that Americans are standing together for PEACE, to unite as brothers and sisters -- family -- inherently interconnected with each other and with all things living on this planet. Hate, violence and aggression only lead to more hate violence and aggression. Every person (and collective community of individuals such as a country or political party) has an ego, and when one's sense of self is violated it only makes sense that that individual (or community) will lash out at what or who they perceive to be the root cause of their pain. If we continue going around and attacking people, we cannot be surprised when they attack us back. A call for peace is NOT being 'soft'. It takes more strength and wisdom to try to understand the root of a problem and work through it diplomatically than to use tools of destruction and hate to force someone to think like you. If your neighbor broke his leg and asked you for help, you would not stab him to make him feel better. You would figure out what the cause of his pain is and help him work through it in whatever way necessary. If you are able to put your ego down, only then can you properly understand the core issues at hand. Look at this election--the more time the candidates spend attacking each other's personalities, families, or other issues unrelated to the job of being President, the less time is spent on actually looking at the problems facing the US and trying to figure out solutions for those problems together, REGARDLESS of political party, religion, ethnicity, part of the country you live in, or whatever. We are not going to get anywhere until we start taking each other seriously and start trying to listen and understand where others are coming from and what their needs are.

I am not saying that we should not defend the US from attacks. 9/11 and Pearl Harbor were epic tragedies. But, as many have said before me, getting mired in a war in Iraq has not made anything better for anyone--certainly not for us with our shitty economy that seems to be getting shittier, and the fact that we are not even necessarily any safer than we were 8 years ago.  The Iraqi people are now even worse off than they were under Saddam Hussein, with many people claiming that the 'war' is actually a mass genocide against the people of Iraq by the various forces involved in the conflict. (see **this** article also) 

How many more World Wars are we going to have? How many more international genocides are going to happen that we turn our eyes away from? How many more Vietnam Wars or Iraq Wars are we going to get involved in that shamelessly take people's lives, suck away important federal funds from education and healthcare, and teach the young men and women we send out to war that it is ok to kill and occasionally torture other human beings in the name of America?

If this opinion piece or some of the other articles on this blog sound to you like 'liberal leftist hippie talk', all I can say to you is maybe it is, but does that really even matter at the end of the day?  In my eyes, the main point at hand is that there is no more need for us to still be killing each other. We are not in the Stone Age, the Dark Ages, the Colonial Age, or even the Cold War anymore. Although there are many places in the world that are far behind the US in terms of political, social, economic development, the fact of the matter is that the world as it stands can have enough of everything to go around for everyone if we can learn how to share, conserve and respect what we have RIGHT NOW, and start seeing other human beings as having needs similar to our own. We are officially in a Global Era, where everyone everywhere is connected to everyone else. Even if we continue to deny and ignore this fact, this reality is not going to go away or stop existing. The US is not isolationist and has not been since we got involved in WWII after the bombing of Pearl Harbor 70 years ago. It is time to step up to the plate and REALIZE these things, as a nation. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the things we read, the people we meet, the places we can travel to, the air we breathe, the water we drink--all these things originate from all over the world, and slowly make their way around and down to the itty bitty patch of space that YOU and every other being takes up on the planet as a whole. All you have to do is turn on your TV or open your internet web browser to see this. Or, you can walk outside and talk to your neighbor since there is no human group that originated in the Americas--we just migrated here over time and still continue to do so today.

As human beings, we create our own realities whether or not we are willing to accept them. This is the gift and the burden of being human and of having conciousness distinct from other animal groups. And the time has come to conciously make PEACE into a reality for everyone, because if we don't, we are only setting ourselves up for our own destruction.

I for one am tired of living in a world where hate, fear, and ignorance continue to wastefully cloud our minds, experiences, and interactions. I am tired of living in a world where we abuse and disrespect the thing that is most sacred and precious to us--our natural planet. It is time for us to grow up and put these big beautiful brains given to us by -- life, creation, the Universe, God, whoever -- to some good use.

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