Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What do Jihads, Palin, Karl Rove, John Stewart and Barack Dancing All Have in Common?

Probably nothing besides this blog post and all the political madness ensuing.  Oh, right, and Sarah Palin being a hypocrite as usual:

She claims that our national leaders are sending us into Iraq for God....

The definition of a 'jihad'--which is an Islamic term--is a Holy War.

So....according to Sarah Palin, we are fighting a Jihad.  How does that make us any different from those extremist jihadists we are supposedly combating?

Check out the video of her talking below to see her claims that our national leaders are sending us into Iraq because of God's Plan.

This blog entry contains:

1.  Video - Introducing Sarah Palin: John McCain campaign ad

2.  Video - Youtube subscriber expose:  Who Is Sarah Palin?

3.  Video - John Stewart on Sarah Palin

4.  Video -  Even Karl Rove thinks McCains ads have gone too far

5.  And the last thing we have for you today, folks, is the video is called Barackroll.  It is a video where BARACK GETS DOWN!!!!

Introducing Sarah Palin:

Who is Sarah Palin?:

John Stewart on Palin's VP nomination:

Speaking of Karl Rove, even he is criticizing the negativity and lies of the McCain campaign:



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