Friday, June 26, 2009

Thank you and good night, Michael Jackson...

Making it personal:

In the last two weeks (prior to hearing about MJ's passing) I have had 3 conversations about the man here in Brazil. One with my beautician - 'Heal the World' came on the radio, and we were discussing how we like the song, and she was saying that she never believed that he hurt or abused any children. I went traveling last week to the north of Brazil, and spoke with the front desk guy at my hostel, who was playing older funky Michael Jackson. He said that his favorite Michael Jackson music was Jackson 5, because this is what he grew up with. Then, two days ago, I was talking to a friend who is the owner of an art shop in the historic center of Salvador (the city in Brazil that I traveled to). He has owned his shop for a long time, and Michael Jackson came to Salvador in the 90's to perform a show with the famous Brazil drum group, Olodum. This friend of mine had taken pictures of MJ from that concert, which he had displayed proudly in his shop.

Michael Jackson is famous around the world. What does this mean? Not only have we watched him grow up, but we have grown up with his music. His music has been a part of life now for at least 3 generations of people (the people who were older when he was in the Jackson 5, the people in his age group who were dancing in the clubs to Thriller when it first came out, and the generation of people born in the 80's who grew up with parents who were fans of MJ, and with his music in the 90's) - ALL AROUND THE ENTIRE WORLD. I grew up dancing to his music as a little child in South Africa.

What does Michael Jackson's passing mean to you? Please tell us by leaving a comment in our comment box. Thank you.

Blog contribution we received from someone who sees MJ's message as one of peace and self improvement: Improve Self for Peace Under Sky

Man in the Mirror:

Michael Jackson and Olodum in Salvador, Brazil:

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Obama IS America! said...

A globalization perspective:
* multi-millions of people all around the world, in different countries and continents not only know his music but GREW UP with MJ's music,
* are throwing massive dance parties in his wake,
* feel love for him and have for a long time
* have bonded over his music, films, dance moves, beats, style, gossip around him/his story, etc.
* know who he is

From an OIA! perspective, this is beautiful and meaningful because:
* his music is full of love, self-empowerment, calls for compassion for self and for other people
* Human beings CAN bond over something or someone beautiful - war, hate, coldness, selfishness do not have to dominate state actions,
* If we ALL lived by his message - which is also the message of the dalai lama, gandhi, MLK Jr., Krishnamurti, of 'take a look at yourself and make a change', and the golden rule 'heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race', the world would probably be a better place.

His passing for me is taking a look in the mirror of why people are emotional about his passing as recognizing the above, in at least some way shape or form.