Thursday, June 4, 2009

GREEN IS GLOBAL! Blimps not Jets!!!

Carrasco International Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay

Again, WHY are we investing in war, banks, outdated car companies, and outdated manufacturing structures in general (such as GM), when we could be funding NEW, CREATIVE, and SUSTAINABLE industries, like the one discussed below??!

The ideas are there, the architects and engineers to produce the ideas, the graphic designers to draw them, the community at large to think them up, and lord knows there are loads of people needing jobs and work, whether in production, conception, or design.  If we are going to spend state money, why don't we spend it on something that is going to propel us into a sustainable and peaceful present and future?  We can change things for the better on this planet NOW!  Why aren't we doing this?  


Do a google image search of "Tokyo Auto Show"

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There are innovative talks on how more efficient homes and cars can reduce our CO2 emissions.  But little attention has been focused towards our 24-hour mass transport system comprising of energy gulping airports and massive fossil fuel burning airplanes.  Let us consider a new way in design that will get us past this out dated way of working.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are extremely important. We’re already seeing a trend of pushing cars farther away from the terminals and improving access to public transit with better rail links and easy-to-use connections. Quieter airplanes make it possible to close the distance between city and airport, which will cut down transit times

Airships are far slower than jets—–
generally reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour—–but they are also far more fuel efficient. Unlike trains and cars, they require little infrastructure; new models can land on water and 
get to remote places without the 
need for roads or rails. They can carry 
heavier loads than planes and move faster than ships.

Several companies, including Boeing, are taking a serious interest.

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