Monday, May 25, 2009

Wow...Tomorrow the state of California is ruling on the permanence of my marriage..

Ellen and Portia...aren't they so beautiful?  :)

Somehow a banker signs a contract that includes getting $50 million in bonuses (per person).  S/he then screws over the entire world economy.  Not only does this person NOT get fired for doing a crappy job, but s/he then gets handed MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on the backs of the American taxpayer's bailouts.  To top off this scenario, these bankers and their cronies then turn around and argue that their contracts cannot be renegotiated because contracts are a sacred part of American law that shouldn't be broken on any terms, and what would it mean to the business world if the government took it upon itself to nullify contracts.

Yet, somehow, I get married legally....I go with my partner and sign a contract with her in a California courthouse after the Supreme Court rules that it is legal for us to do so, and somehow (maybe because we are a discriminated minority and not million/billionaires) a judge then gets to decide whether or not my contract will be upheld or not, even though my wife and I are happily married.  How ironic is THIS situation?  In the meantime, the contracts of corporate execs have been upheld, and they now get to run off and float on sailboats in the Caribbean, paid for with my money.  And for some reason, this grossly unequal scenario is not incredibly offensive to all taxpaying, hard-working, contract-signing Americans wallowing in the depths of a Depression caused by these banker assholes in the first place. Seriously, all of this contract crap brings a whole new meaning to business as usual. 

I am happy.  I don't want to be forcibly divorced!  This is madness!  It just really hit me today that tomorrow I will know if I will stay married or if the state will decide for me without me OR my wife being involved, if we are still married....I COULD BE DIVORCED IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS!!!!!  AHHHH.....

So in trying to be positive and rationalize, in my heart I feel doubt that the Supreme Court will divorce me, but hey, you never know.  If they do...well...they will have done an excellent job of diverting my time and resources from focusing on more important things, such as getting people to come together to work to save our Planet from total destruction, since I fully intend to sue the state if it divorces me, which will obviously take up much of my precious time and limited funds.  The bankers should be paying for my lawsuit!!!!

Well, as you may have gathered from this posting, tomorrow the CA Supreme Court will release it's decision on whether or not to uphold Prop 8 and it will also decide whether or not the people who got married in the window of time when it was legal to be married will now be forcibly divorced by the courts.

What a mess....

For a live update on the result, check out:

Depending on the outcome there will be major protests or celebrations around the state.  To find out what is going on nearest to you click on the following link:

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Maggie said...

I had a thought yesterday, about how incredibly cowardly it is for these "family defenders" to challenge same-sex marriage through the legal system. I would like to see these people, with all their concern about protecting the child and the family, explain to the child of a gay parent why their family isn't real or valid. They would never have the guts to say that to the face of a child, and certainly wouldn't be able to claim they were acting in the child's best interest after seeing how devastated she or he would be. So, who is really hurting families here?

DragonSecreto said...

I'm glad you were able to keep your marriage intact!!!! But we must work together to create an initiative, infiltrate our communities, and educate them-- increasing the love and decreasing the fear. <3 Can't give up.

Obama IS America! said...

Yeah! I'm with you! Well, both of you I guess hehe. That's what this blog is about - working together to educate and spread knowledge...break hard-shelled ignorance right?

Thanks for sending the love DragonSecreto!!!! And for the good wishes!! Yeah...I don't know what we would have done if our marriage was nullified. Isn't that such a crazy thought???

And yeah Maggie...I mean, frankly, I think that we should teach kids in school that it is ok to have or express feelings of love (romantic or otherwise) toward someone of the same gender. I think that would create a much more loving and tolerant world, and would probably be better for the children - it would probably prevent gay kids from killing themselves or getting beat up, and prevent adult violence against gay people too.

We will keep fighting...the world will become better!!!! Right???