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Event to Attend in Los Angeles: Gem of the Ocean

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Theater is one of the most glorious and ancient of all human art forms.  Well, there is a play coming up at a theater in Los Angeles, which will be featuring Obama IS America! reader Tene Carter.  The name of the play is Gem of the Ocean.  Tene has provided us with her personal testimony about the power of this, and how it has dynamically impacted her own personal journey of self discovery.  So, please read her words and attend one of her shows!!

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p.s.  There is a flier below her essay that provides more information about the show.

Greetings Editor!
Enclosed is the flyer for the extension with the critics reviews attached.  Also enclosed within this email is my personal testimony as being apart of this memorable experience.  I sent it to both your personal email and the email blog.  Thanks for posting this and I hope you enjoy it.
Happy New Year, Peace and Many Blessings,
Tene' Carter Miller
seen as "Black Mary"
"Gem of the Ocean"
"Gem of the Ocean"    An Experience
by Tene' Carter Miller
"Gem of the Ocean," written by August Wilson, is a piece that explores the "soul's journey to freedom" and the "power of redemption."  Set in 1904, Pittsburgh, PA, the journey begins with Citizen Barlow, a tormented young man who appears at the home of Aunt Easter, the legendary Healer and Soul Cleanser.  She sends him on an unforgettable journey, a journey in which he finds Love, Hope and His Self.  As Black Mary, I play Aunt Easter's Apprentince in Training,  a young, strong woman who is wounded by Love, but I also find my redemption through Ctizen Barlow's journey.  
Every night on stage, I make a wealth of new discoveries as "Black Mary," and in turn make discoveries of myself; such as how to face my fears and overcome them, and the hardest type of unconditional Love is letting go. This play teaches that through the harshest of all journeys, there is change, there is hope, there is a "soul cleansing." 
I hope you will join us on this journey as we continue to explore "Gem of the Ocean," through Feb. 22nd., and find the unconditional power of Love within yourself. 

Where:  The Fountain Theater
             5060 Fountain Ave.
             Hollywood, CA 90029
When:  Extended: Jan. 9th-Feb. 22nd
            Fri. and Sat. 8pm
            Sun. 2pm
Box Office:  323-663-1525

The Fountain Theatre
"Transcendent!"   "Crowd Pleaser!"   "Superb!"
"Powerful!"   "Spectacular!"   "A Gem!"    
(now thru December 21st; will re-open January 9th)

Gem 2 

CRITIC'S CHOICE! - Back Stage West - "A CRI DE COEUR , jabs at the soul and cracks the heart open at this moment in history when the possibility exists of an African American becoming president... wonderfully staged by director Ben Bradley!"
full review
RAVE! - Los Angeles Times - "HEART, BUSTLE AND SWEAT!... Director Ben Bradley's appealing production achieves a tactile feel that earns its big metaphorical set piece... Wilson was a giant, and his early death at 60 reminds us how precious it is to have a great artist around to write the rich, troubled language of American souls." 

Gem 2

RAVE! - Variety - "A SUREFIRE CROWDPLEASER!... A VIGOROUS REVIVAL!... keeps shifting smoothly into the rhythms and joys of life... a veritable acting class." 
full review
RAVE! - - "TRANSCENDENT PRODUCTION!... The relationships are rich, tense, and powerful, a strong credit to [Ben] Bradley's vision... My humble congratulations to Bradley, cast, crew, and venue for this SPECTACULAR PRODUCTION.... You have honored Wilson's life... this show will add to your quality of life."
RAVE! - Park LaBrea News/Beverly Press -
"A 'GEM' OF A PLAY!... a stunning cri-de-coeur... THE ACTING IS SUPERB!"
RAVE! - - "A MUST-SEE!... EXCELLENT CAST... SPELL-BINDING!August Wilson died a few years ago. He was a "gem" of American theater. Catch all of his plays, if you can. But at least sample Gem of the Ocean - a really great evening of theater." full review
Pittsburgh. 1904. Citizen Barlow, a tormented young man, appears at the home of
 Aunt Ester, a legendary 287-year-old healer and "soul cleanser." She sends him on an unforgettable journey in search of healing, love and hope for a new life.
This masterpiece begins August Wilson's 10-play cycle dramatizing,
 decade by decade, the African American experience in the 20th century.
Rico Anderson, Keith Arthur Bolden, 
Carlease Burke, Rodney Gardiner, 
Juanita Jennings, Stephen Marshall, 
Tene Carter Miller, Jeris Lee Poindexter, Adolphus Ward
Directed by Ben Bradley 
Produced by Stephen Sachs
extended thru February 22nd
(now thru December 21st; will re-open January 9th)
Fridays and Saturdays, 8pm
Sundays, 2pm 
The Fountain Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 
Box Office: 323-663-1525
Group Sales: 323-663-1365

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