Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Dear community:

This blog is officially out of commission.

It was started in response to the plethora of newspaper articles and pundit reports that took debate about whether or not Obama was a real American seriously. The creator of this blog, Obama IS America!, is herself a person of international heritage and origin, but who has found a home and community in the United States. She sees this country as being a land of opportunities in a way that exists no where else to date. This is due to this nation's strong civil liberties, the power of people to fight for those liberties, and the fact that the United States is home to people from every part of the planet, making this country home base for the people of the world.

While this blog's editor does not agree with many things that Obama has pushed through (a few include deregulating genetically modified alfalfa, repealing regulations that protect clean air, giving billions upon billions to the auto and banking industries, etc), she strongly feels that the people of America themselves should play a much stronger role in determining what happens politically and economically in this country. This would counteract attempts of corporate takeover and would ensure that people's desires are being more accurately represented.

Obama is running for election again this year. This blog does not take a stance for or against Obama. We just hope that people focus on his decision-making and on what will be best for all the people of America in choosing our next President, and don't use Obama's identity as basis for dislike.

In the opinion of this blogger, to revamp our economy, we (the United States and the world generally) need to undergo a period of SERIOUS transition. It is time for people to stop driving cars, to stop being dependent on non-renewable energy sources, to stop hating other people, to start growing vegetables in their backyards, to start biking more, to start finding peace within themselves, to stop taking so many drugs (whether illegal, legal or pharmaceutical), to stop playing so many violent video games, to stop turning a blind eye to war and America's international aggression. It is time to see the value and beauty in nature and to get more involved with local and statewide politics - not just voting, but also setting budget and legislative priorities and creating positive and peaceful, community-building initiatives.

Below is a video on biology and consciousness. The more of us that take a conscious stand for peace and community, the faster we will go back to living in symbiotic harmony with nature, and sooner balance will be restored to nature and human communities.

If you want to stay in contact with Obama IS America! folks in the future, please email: localtoglobalworks (at) gmail (dot) com.

Peace and thanks for reading!

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