Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nature is our Mother, we channel the Universe through our Brains

Human beings are so beautiful!!!! Even though there are many of us that embody or bring hate, cruelty, or other forms of internally or externally directed negativity, our truest power lies in our ability to connect with and work with the Universe to build a beautiful world full of love, productivity, peace, joy, and harmony with the constant miracle that is our Planet Earth.

This post contains an article copied from on human knowledge and the location of hell, and 2 videos discussing how our human brains are the connection to the love-energy of the universe. The videos also present the idea/fact that each of us contains all the power and beauty of existence, and that we can reach nirvana (Universal peace) at any point in time if we want to, just by tapping into the power of our brains.

To Feel The Harmony Of Eternal Nature

To Feel the Harmony of Eternal NatureScientists have discovered that the appendix, which used to be considered a useless and even problematic organ, plays an important role in a persons’ immune system: It serves as a place for the appearance of bacteria, which are necessary for proper intestinal function.

A person in our world, due to his limits, doesn’t understand how fragmented his knowledge of the world is - but uses it to draw conclusions about the world. It thus seems to him that certain things in nature are redundant, unnecessary, and that some occurrences or properties are even harmful; and he wants to get rid of them. He doesn’t understand that evil - is only within him, in his egoism - and besides his egoism, the whole of nature exists in harmony. It is precisely because of his egoism that man is unable to see, feel and enjoy such harmony.
Kabbalah calls people who want to “correct” our world by getting rid of what seems harmful and redundant, “world correctors” (in quotes) - because such is their opinion of themselves. And if it weren’t for the plan of creation, which is to bring humanity to similarity to the Creator, they would make quite a mess in nature. All of their actions, however, trigger a negative reaction, which we feel as suffering, and which will ultimately convince all of us that rather than correcting the nature surrounding us, we need to correct OUR OWN nature. We will then feel the harmony of the nature and the eternity existing outside of us.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor giving a TED talk entitled "My Stroke of Insight":

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor and the Law of Attraction (on the human brain and happiness):

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