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EASY ACTIVISM FROM YOUR DESK!: Healthcare Reform NOW! - for OUR future!!

Lack of knowledge on what a healthy diet consists of (therefore eating unhealthily) combined with lack of visits to the doctor due to lack of insurance, etc. to intervene before cholesterol levels get too high = artery cloggage = heart attacks = premature, unnecessary and painful death for many Americans

Dear Public,

Right now there are 2 major policy areas up for BIG reform right now that are crucially in need of reform.  This blog post is specifically on HEALTHCARE REFORM and seeks to get you up to speed with info about Obama's healthcare reform plan, why policy changes are needed NOW,  and to give you EASY methods by which you can get involved, starting with getting educated on what's going on.  You being a knowledgeable and proactive citizen is KEY to the health of the American populace! 

Healthcare policy:

The articles below have been included to give you a start on researching healthcare reform issues and Obama's plan and what it means.  To be active, do your research, think about the issues from a broad perspective (minus outdated and besides-the-point talk of socialism -- the US has been investing in the 'social' sphere for a while now), then call or email your local congressperson and tell them what you think.  You can find out how do to do that by clicking: HERE. You need to type in your full zip code and you can find that out by clicking: HERE

The links below are intended to get you started with providing you information about the need for reform.  Apparently the insurance companies are working hard to block key areas of reform that would make healthcare cheaper for you and me, but which would cost them a lot.  Please feel free to offer critiques or more information about Obama's proposed reforms in our comment box.  Thanks!

Obama's plan 

Forbes Magazine on the healthcare plan 

Democracy Now! - Click on the link below to be active through a click!

Milken Institute Report on the Economic Costs of Bad Health

This is a site on stopping healthcare reform:

Comment below on one of the sites above.  Guess which one?:

One Response to “STAKEHOLDERS AGREE! (to block reform)”

  1. Mark Almberg
    April 1st, 2009 at 10:43 am

    ‘This is not the place for APHA to be’

    Dr. Quentin Young, national coordinator of Physicians for a National Health Program and past president of the American Public Health Association, has sent the following letter to the executive director of APHA, Dr. Georges Benjamin:

    March 31, 2009

    Georges Benjamin, M.D.
    Executive Director
    American Public Health Association
    800 I Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20001

    Dear Georges,

    I just learned that the American Public Health Association has joined with others in the Health Reform Dialogue coalition to issue a report on health care reform and, incidentally, that the principals of the coalition have been meeting for the past six months.

    The text of the report and the news release from APHA reinforce every fear that I have about the co-optation of the health reform movement by the for-profit, private corporations in our $2.5 trillion health system.

    This is not the place for APHA to be.

    I fear that the private interests are seeking to assert their hegemony via this route. They are taking advantage of the chaotic economy to facilitate the complete corporate takeover of the health system.

    Now is precisely the time when APHA should be leading the way to a single-payer, publicly funded health program, the very program we have supported for decades.


    Quentin D. Young, M.D., M.A.C.P.
    National Coordinator
    Physicians for a National Health Program

Cartoon found at:

This cartoon has more to do with a criticism of America's addiction to pharmaceuticals and how this addiction is killing us than Obama's plan, but the cartoon still speaks directly to the market driven health industry business model, put in place during the Reagan era that has led health related companies to go on a money boom over the American people. (Market forces and corporate profits > your health). This is the core of what Obama is trying to reform through his health plan, on which he has had news online since before he became President.

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